Think of it like this. No more frozen Jiaozi. No more tasteless Jiaozi from the your local Chinese restaurant. No more processed food containing artificial preservatives. No more not knowing what’s in your Jiaozi.

We’re on a mission to take away all the reasons why you don’t get to eat tasty, nutritious Jiaozi from home. Our passion stems from knowing what you crave for. Our DNA is your DNA. We’ve been there, we’ve experienced your angst, we just know how it feels to be cheated when all we want is a bowl of home made Jiaozi like back home.

We are passionate about what we do because we are passionate about eating great and tasty Jiaozi every time and anytime.

To give you fresh dumplings, we’ve had to re-think the way freshly prepared food is purchased in the UK. As we’re not a fast food or restaurant establishment, we won’t cook your freshly made dumplings on demand for delivery. In doing so, your eating experience becomes heightened by the true authentic taste and texture of the dumplings when cooked at home. That’s why the opportunity to choose a convenient delivery day to receive freshly made dumplings to be cooked in 7 minutes from pan to plate is an experience worth it’s weight in dumplings!

Click. All you need to do is go onto our online store and select your desired Jiaozi filling. It’s really simple and quick. Choose a delivery date from the options provided. Enter your address details and purchase your chosen Jiaozi.

Cook. All our Jiaozi are delivered fresh to you. By using fresh ingredients sourced locally, and MSG free with such great taste. Just boil in hot water or for added aroma, try them pan fried. The choice is yours.

Eat. By eating fresh, we believe you’ll taste the difference. It’s fresh, healthy and tasty.

It’s deliciously simple. It’s everything you want in a Jiaozi. It’s your comfort food to enjoy every time and anytime.